Russ Pope’s Transportation Unit Hits SW

March 3, 2014

Transportation Unit All

Russ Pope is out and about with a brand new company called Transportation Unit, or T.U. A former SLO local, Russ Pope has always been a favorite around SW. We even have an original painting of his hanging inside the shop. So we’ve paid attention to the dude since forever and now T.U. has us pretty stoked out.

We’ve got new decks, stickers and t-shirts to start off with. T.U. features the original artwork of Pope and we like it. We recently focused a blog post on an art show Russ put on in SF a few weeks ago. Catch a glimpse of a bunch of his work here and grab your T.U. goods online today.

Transportation Unit

Transportation Unit 1

The T.U. Bar Daze Deck in 8.5 x 32

Transportation Unit 2

The T.U. Watchman Man Deck in 8.5 x 32.1.

Transportation Unit 3

The T.U. All Seeing Deck in 8.25 x 31.9

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