Travesura Performs at Buffalo Pub and Grill in SLO!

April 1, 2014

travesura band

This past Thursday, March 27th, Skate Warehouse was fortunate enough to have Leo Romero and his band Travesura come into town for a show at Buffalo Pub and Grill in downtown SLO. Big thanks to Leo, his band mate Eric Evans (Mark Morones you were missed!), Emerica and all the folks that came out. We had a good fucking time! Check out Travesura’s website for their tunes and browse our selection of Emerica goods at the shop. Party on!

Travesura At Buffalo Pub And Grill

Cole Garrett Emerica

Cole Garrett says, “thanks for the coozies Emerica!”

Travesura Neil and Jacob

Local homies came out to support!

Adam Ottenberg and Cam King

Johnny Ransom

Mike Roth Justin and Adam Ottenberg

Everyone was stoked.

Mike Roth Thirsty

And thirsty.

Travesura Leo Romero Playing

Leo’s a talented dude, from his singing to his guitar and harmonica playing to his handrails.

Travesura Eric Evans Keyboard

Travesura Eric Evans Guitar

Eric Evans handles it on the keyboard and the guitar.

Travesura Buffalo Pub and Grill

We had a nice little gathering out front the entire night. Killer view through the windows.

Travesura Leo Romero Guitar

Travesura Leo Romero Singing

Zach Garrett

Jade Sadeghian

Jade gets some solid footage, coming soon!

Emerica Rep Dave Keagy

Emerica rep and longtime friend of Skate Warehouse, Dave Keagy joined us.

Emerica Crew Members

Along with the Emerica Crew!

Justin Dougherty and Cam King

Amon Morales and Miranda Max

Everybody’s feeling good.


Jeff Davis

Girlfriends of Skate Warehouse

Hey Zach Garrett and Cam King

Finger at Zach and Cam


Mike Roth Miranda Max Budweiser

Travesura Leo Romero Singalong

The night wrapped up with a quality singalong to Wagon Wheel among Leo and three members of the crowd.

Travesura Leo Romero Eric Evans

Thanks Travesura, come back soon!

Based in Long Beach, California, Travesura features Leo Romero on vocals, guitar, and harmonica; he is joined by guitarist/keyboard player Eric Evans and percussionist Mark Morones.

Leo Romero Travesura at Buffalo Show Flyer

Travesura came together through loose connections and passion for music to form a trio of characters that look and sound like they’ve been together for years. Forming in 2013, guitarist and vocalist Leo Romero began a new project with keyboardist and guitarist Eric Evans. Seeking a drummer, Evans invited Mark Morones over to practice one night before a show Romero and Evans had booked. By the end of the night, Morones was in the band.

Romero is a self-taught player with an intrinsic motivation to write lyric-based songs. Many drunken nights leading into early dawns have produced songs that will make your heart wrench or make your foot stomp. As a professional skateboarder, he’s lived a unique life that inspires his words.

Morones is a firecracker, gregarious before and after a show, and smiling the whole time he’s playing. With a background in orchestra, Morones has a deep appreciation for proper percussion and keeps the band on a steady pace all night.

Evans brings a certain calmness to the band’s visual presence while making your head turn toward him upon a key or string being played. His talent shines through in his ability to bounce from keyboard to guitar on a given song and play equally well on both.

In less than a year, Travesura has already transversed North America, playing bars in Vancouver, house parties in the Pacific Northwest, venues with dress codes in Los Angeles, and making it back to Leo’s motherland of Mexico. No gig is too big or small for Travesura, they just love playing.”

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