Volcom Shoes – Stepping Stones to Greatness

October 21, 2013

Volcom does everything very well. Their denim is amazing. Their cut and sew is top shelf. Their t-shirts are comfy, well-fit textile gems. Now, they’re doing shoes and we’ll be damned if they aren’t some of the most stylish kicks on the shelf. Volcom shoes have stepped onto the scene.

Volcom Shoes Buzzard Grimm Lo-Fi

Volcom has been producing great sandals and open-toe footwear for years. But we all know skating in sandals has the unfortunate side affect of blood everywhere. So those don’t count.

Launched earlier this year, the Volcom Shoes collection is impressive. Their team has put a lot of effort and innovation into Volcom footwear. With a solid range of styles and functions, you’ll find the perfect pair to skate in and fit your lifestyle.

After 22 years of rocking the stone, a person can now suit up head-to-toe in Volcom gear. Bloodless kickflips all day long. If you are an avid wearer of Volcom clothing, dressing as such will Volcomplete you.

Take a look below at a few of our favorite styles now available at Skate Warehouse.

Volcom Shoes – Grimm Black/Grey

Volcom Shoes Grimm Black Grey

The Grimm Black/Grey’s feature a low top design with a padded tongue and collar. The stylish asymmetrical details give you that crook lace style. A molded Recliner Comfort Foam insole keeps your bones unbroken. Vulcanized construction makes it bendy. Asymmetrical stripes molded outsole and additional laces don’t hurt. These are killer skate shoes.

Volcom Shoes – Lo Fi Brown Khaki

Volcom Shoes Lo-Fi Brown Khaki

The Volcom Lo Fi Shoes in Brown Khaki are a simple, minimal kick. These low top’s have a comfy die cut Recliner Comfort Foam insole inside and Bunch O’ Stones molded outsole outside. Thin tongue and collar are maximum minimalist. Seamless toecap keeps your digits secure. They sport a suede and leather upper, vulcanized construction and other asymmetrical Volcom detailing throughout.

Volcom Shoes – Buzzard Blue/Black

Volcom Shoes Buzzard Blue Black 2

The Volcom Buzzard Shoes in Blue/Black are a mid top design with asymmetrical details and waxed lace. These skate really well and still bring a pile of style to the party. You get the die cut Recliner Comfort Foam insole, vulcanized construction and a Bunch O’ Stones molded outsole. Suede upper, thin tongue and collar and Volcom detailing round it out.

Stay light on your feet, heavy on style, get you some Volcom shoes!

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Have you skated them yet? What do you think? Let us know in the comment section.

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