Volcom TRUE TO THIS Global Premiere

March 4, 2014

Almost X Volcom True To This Premiere Flyer

The Volcom True To This Global Premiere was the second half of a recent Skate Warehouse road trip into the belly of California. In the first half we had a great time at the Almost 10 Year Party where Youness Amrani turned pro! If you’ve read that post, the adventure continues below…

On Saturday morning, March 1st we all awoke in a timely manner and went out for some bagels and coffee. Satisfied, we started our mission to find the new Huntington Beach Vans Skatepark. After countless wrong turns, misdirections, wrong addresses and an hour or two wasted we somehow ended up at “Murdy Skatepark”.

A small park with one too many obstacles packed into a very small amount of room. Regardless, we were still able to stack up some good clips and a few photos as well.

Almost X Volcom Trip 22 Adam Ottenberg Lipslide

After everyone got their tricks, we ventured to Volcom’s outdoor skatepark in Costa Mesa. Unfortunately for us it was closed, wet and we spotted another barefooted kook so it was kind of a let down. We searched for some more spots with no luck and ended up back at the hotel to start off our Wizard Staves before the Volcom True to This Premiere.

Almost X Volcom Trip 23 Wizard Staves Begin

Almost X Volcom Trip 24 Double Rainbow Wizards

We began to figure out that everyone rooming around us were either there for the premiere or actually in the Volcom True To This video. We made a lot of new friends and met up with our Volcom rep, Ken Collins, to head out to the premiere. We were all stoked and a little buzzed. We packed the van up with a whole posse of Volcom riders and reps.

Almost X Volcom True To This Trip 25 Ken Collins Surfboard

Almost X Volcom Trip 26 Mike Roth Wizard Staff

As we arrived at the premiere we all barged out of the van and into the event. Fortunately, we were all V.I.P and welcomed with open arms and bags full of free gear.

Almost X Volcom True To This Trip 35 Skate Warehouse Crew

As we entered the inside of Volcom Headquarters our mouths dropped due to the amount of craziness. From huge pieces of art to old tradeshow pieces, pros, and a room specifically for every Volcom category, plus a bar in every corner.

Almost X Volcom True To This Trip 27 Apparel Display

Almost X Volcom True To This Trip 32 Provost Display

Almost X Volcom True To This Trip 31 Veeco Boob Grab

Almost X Volcom True To This Trip 30 Artwork

Almost X Volcom Trip 33 Shoe Display

We toured around the headquarters, enjoyed some free beverages and shook hands with new acquaintances until it was time for the premiere.

Almost X Volcom Trip 28 Skate Warehouse Crew

Almost X Volcom Trip 29 Arto Saari

Almost X Volcom Trip 36 Ryan Sheckler

Almost X Volcom Trip 37 Geoff Rowley

Almost X Volcom Trip 38 Justin with Ken Collins

Almost X Volcom Trip 40 Rowley Collins Dougherty

We entered into a jam packed room with huge projectors. The video began and we were all left standing in amazement. The video was ridiculous, my mind was completely blown. I’m telling you, non-biased, to buy this video as soon as it goes on sale. It’s insane, it’ll blow your standards of a great video out of the water!

Volcom TRUE TO THIS Global Premiere!

Almost X Volcom Trip 41 True To This Premiere

As the video wrapped up we all cheered and embarked on leaving the building towards the van. We headed back to the hotel to order some delicious pizzas (besides Mike making the huge mistake of ordering black olives). We grabbed some more beers and got back to our wizard staffs. More hijinx of course came into play plus Jade almost got his board stolen by some hotel dwellers. More Volcom heads showed up and the night started to become a little blurry…

YouTube Preview Image

The next day, somehow waking up in beds, we embarked on our way homeward. After a much needed breakfast we left the lovely town of Costa Mesa, but decided to make one last stop before ending this crazy journey. We took a detour to Venice Beach Skatepark.

Almost X Volcom Trip 42 Skate Warehouse Crew

The place was huge plus it was right on the beach. The locals were destroying the place as well. We stacked a few more clips to add to our video (coming later this week!), making up for our lack of footage from The Berrics. After we were satisfied with footage and completely exhausted from all the madness we headed out on the long car ride to what we call home.

Be sure to pick up the Volcom True to This video when we get it in next month. Thank you to Volcom for having us. We had an amazing time!

Stay posted for the video of this whole adventure coming soon!

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