We Are Komono – Are You?

October 15, 2013

Komono makes small things. Cool, beautiful, affordable and fashionable, small things.

komono wizard watches on wrist

Wizard Watches

Founded in 2009 by Belgian designers Raf Maes and Anton Janssens, Komono creates a perfect blend of retro-futuro style. Komono accessories take inspiration from cool old stuff. Things like 70’s colors, old war planes and retro fashion. But they don’t leave it back there. They take these forgotten styles, dust them off and make killer accessories for a contemporary world. The Komono designers dig deep in the past to bring you the future.

What’s more, Komono strives to provide something greater than just a watch or a pair of sunglasses. They stay ahead of the curve. They pair fashion forward design, top Japanese movement and pleasing price-points with an expressive philosophy that anyone can dig:

komono magnus watches

Magnus Watches

In a multicolored world we are all Komonists.

Digging deep into the past to bring you a brighter future: we offer you a great escape from daily routine, into a higher state of consciousness and style. We inject color into a grey world. Our world of retro-futuristic accessories will tickle your senses. No Brave New World, no Big Brother, no mass production dystopia.

In the Komono Universe, all men and women are equal. We take fashion to the streets and culture to the clubs. We put the sex back into unisex. Cosmic colors and stellar styles come together in an individual and wearable collection for every person out there. Looking good was never this easy.

Komonism knows no constraints, no rules, no targets. Live and prosper in total freedom and happiness.

We Are Komono. Are You?

– WeAreKomono.com

The name, Komono, is actually a Japanese word for “small things”. Perfect for an accessory brand. Sometimes the best things come in small packages and these watches are no exception. Check out our new selection of Komono. You’ll find out why these small things are such a big deal.

Komono Watches now at Skate Warehouse:

komono watches on bamboo

Interview with Komono founder Raf Maes:

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