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January 17, 2014

The skateboard industry is constantly changing. Every time you blink some company is shoving six new board series down your throat and its hard to keep up. It’s even harder to find something original that sticks out and isn’t the exact same graphic that came out last year. If you’re getting sick of the same old thing then let me please introduce you to your new favorite company – Welcome Skateboards.

Welcome Skateboards First Five Decks

Not only are the graphics amazing, theses shapes are untouchable. From shovel noses to sharp tails, the originality and uniqueness of the shapes are above and beyond what anyone else is doing. They’re a smaller company all about skateboarding and having fun, and when it comes down to it, isn’t that what it’s really supposed to be? Just see what Welcome had to say about it:

Welcome Skateboards Logo

Seriously, can we all stop taking this so seriously? It’s skateboarding, people… it’s supposed to be fun!

Lately it seems that there’s some sort of rule book governing the skateboarding world, turning something that’s inherently subjective and creative into something objective and monotonous. It doesn’t sit right with us…

So if you’re sick of the current choices that have been deemed acceptable by all of the magazines, websites, and message board trolls… if you want and need something different… if you love skateboarding and don’t care about the rules… WELCOME!”

– Welcome Skateboards

Welcome has strayed from the typical skateboard company path and they’re doing a great job. Skate Warehouse proudly introduces Welcome Skateboards to our great list of brands. So feed your creative inner child and be sure to pick up one of these decks from our site. Trust me, I already bought mine.

Welcome Jackalope Teal/Orange Deck 8.6 X 32.5

Welcome Skateboards Jackalope Deck

Welcome Skateboards Jackalope Deck Closeup

Welcome Love Watcher Blue/Green Fade Deck 8.5 X 32.625

Welcome Skateboards Love Watcher Deck

Welcome Skateboards Love Watcher Deck Closeup

Welcome Seahorse Deep Purple Fade Deck 8.75 X 32.5

Welcome Skateboards Seahorse Deck Closeup

Welcome Skateboards Seahorse Deck

Welcome Sloth Black Deck 8.5 X 32.4

Welcome Skateboards Sloth Deck Closeup

Welcome Skateboards Sloth Deck

Welcome Skateboards – Squid on Vimana Deck 8.25 X 31.75

Welcome Skateboards Squid Vimana Deck Closeup

Welcome Skateboards Squid Vimana Deck

Put your feet down on something new and different – scope the whole collection of Welcome now available at Skate Warehouse.

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