Wreck Wheels Review Video

August 11, 2014

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Wreck Wheels just hit Skate Warehouse! We put their exclusive Ruin Formula through our own tests in this Wreck Wheels Review video by throwing them under the heavy pressure of the SW Crew.

Johnny, Cole, Zach, Griff, Adam and Nate all took to the terra firma on fresh sets of Wreck and returned home with some solid feedback on the new cuts.

Watch the vid below and learn more about Wreck Wheels’ exclusive Ruin Formula in our recent New Brand post. Wreck Wheels are here to stay – Welcome to the World’s Best Urethane!

Wreck Wheels Review

Filmed & edited by Tuan Nguyen | Music by Kevin Romar!

I was cruising around the warehouse and powersliding like cruising on air around any corner… then came out here on the wood and they’re gripping really well, not slipping around and I’m still able to do tailslides and lipslides… get some!”

– Johnny

…from the Spitfires to these – I actually like it a little bit better. These wheels are pretty awesome.”

– Cole

These are a good all purpose wheel. Great for ramps, great for street. They’re hard, they’re fast – pick yourself up a set at SkateWarehouse.com!”

– Griff

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